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Latest News

Oct 29th
Robot Master Tournament Version 1.0!
The official launch is here! Download the newest version in the downloads section! 21 total characters! 15 stages! Each character has 5 alternate costumes! Netplay complete with matchmaking! The tournament has begun!

May 26th
Quint has joined the tournament!
Quint joins the tournament just in time for online play! Up to two players can battle it out! 4 player capability is planned for the future. Since this is the first release with online play, there will be some issues. Please report any issues you encounter by posting in the Robot Master Tournament fan group on facebook.

Apr 30th
Online mode under development
We are still working on getting online play set up and running. Not really sure when it will be ready to go but we are definitely working as fast as we can. Hoping to have online play available for the next release. Stay tuned!

Mar 21st
Let's get this tournament started!
Knight Man and Toad Man have joined the tournament! We now have 16 total characters available! Also patches and fixes for many bugs and other issues. Visit the downloads section to get the newest version. Wanna help decide who will join the tournament next? Visit the facebook fangroup to cast your vote now!

Feb 14th
It just got a lot colder
Ice Man and Freeze Man join the tournament! I am glad to announce that the newest release is finally here! Seven new stages! Two new robot masters! Tons of fixes and patches! What are you waiting for? Go download the newest version now! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances online mode will not be added to this update. At this time online mode release date is still undetermined!

Sept 28th
Fixes and patches
New version has been uploaded that has fixes, patches and other issues that needed to be taken care of. No new content yet, sorry! I am still trying to get the OSX version issue fixed, no known estimate on how long it may take.

Sept 9th
Newest version is here!
Long awaited update. Sorry for the delay, this update was supposed to be uploaded in July but certain things got in the way. A BUNCH of new stuff has been added with the addition of Pharaoh Man! A lot of fixes and patches, as well as other issues have been taken care of. Hope you guys enjoy!

June 20th
Enker has arrived!
Enker has joined the tournament! Download the newest version! Also included in this update, enter key is now able to be used as your start button! Option mode now available in pause screen! Huge update coming mid July!

May 29th
OSX Game Installation Issue
After a small update to the game file, the OSX version stopped working. I have repackaged the file in a DMG installer and it seems to work for most OSX Versions. If you are unable to get the game working, please make a post in the fangroup with the error you are getting and the version of OSX you are using. Hopefully with enough input I can get the issue fixed.

May 25th
Single File Game Installation
You now only have to download one file to play the game. The single file installations for Windows and OSX have been added to the downloads page. You only need to download the swf file if you are having trouble with the primary installers.

May 25th
Fixes and Patches
Fixed some issues that were preventing people from playing the game. Fullscreen is now working in OSX version. Game no longer freezes after backing out of control setup. If anyone encounters any other disabling glitches or errors that prevent you from playing the game, please let me know immediately by posting a comment on the facebook group.

May 19th
RMT: Alpha Release
The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! The alpha release is finally available for download! Head over to the downloads section to download it and start playing!

May 18th
Layout Complete
The official Robot Master Tournament site is now up and running! Thanks so much for being patient. The site is still under construction so not all links will work yet!

May 17th
Getting Started
The site is now under construction, should have the layout and trailer up shortly! Head over to the facebook group if you are interested in testing out the alpha release!

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