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Game Features

Up to four players can play!

Got more than two people who wanna play? Up to four players can play in versus mode! Play against your friends in an awesome free-for-all match! A team option is also planned for future releases so you can duke it out in 2v2 battles!

Including every official Robot Master!

Every single official Robot Master in the original Mega Man series is planned for inclusion. We might even see some other faces pop up! Who, you might ask? You're just going to have to wait to find out!

Alternate Costumes!

Every single Robot Master is planned to have several alternate costumes to be used in game. To select an alternate costume while choosing your character, simply press left or right before confirming your character. Some alternate costumes may even have unique abilities!

New  Abilities  and  Weapons!

In addition to their original, Robot Masters will have new abilities and weapons to use in the tournament.

Classic Duel

There will be an option available to limit Robot Masters to only their original abilities and weapons! Great for recreating classic battles from the games!

Robot Master Guide List

There is an in game guide list that displays all of the selected Robot Master's abilities and attacks and how to perform them. To access the guide list, pause the game during gameplay and choose guide list.

CPU Players

What can you do if you have nobody around to play the game with? Just add a CPU player and fight on. CPU players will always be ready to challenge you.

Online Battle

Can't find anyone to play? Now you can! Got an internet connection? Jump online and challenge friends, strangers and more!!

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